Sun, August 26, 2012

Flopcast 016: Where Did All the Nerds Go?

Pack up your finest Spock ears and beam yourself to Atlanta — it's our Dragon*Con preview episode! Kevin and Kornflake get ready for our favorite annual gathering of geeks — featuring costumers, gamers, steampunks, skeptics, puppets, robots, mad scientists, mutants, and misfits of all sorts. And then for this week's Top 4 ½ List, we count down our favorite mermaids! (Yeah, we're trying to pick up more listeners in Atlantis — a market totally ignored by most podcasts...)

Show Notes

This week's topics are Dragon*Con and mermaids. (By coincidence, these were also the topics of the very first episode of 60 Minutes.) So here are some actual photos of mer-people at Dragon*Con 2010: Mermaid Man (with sidekick Barnacle Boy) and the Little Mermaid, moments before they collapsed and had to be rushed to the Georgia Aquarium.

Here's a really fun video showing some of the wonderful costumes on display at Dragon*Con last year. Watch for another quick look at Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy, as well as an awfully cute Flying Spaghetti Monster, and our very favorite, Darth Chicken.

The freaky double-tailed Starbucks mermaid: original explicit full-frontal version, and modern corporate sell-out protect-the-children version. We kind of like them both.

It's true, Superman fell in love with a mermaid: the lovely Lori Lemaris. Try not to think too hard about this one.

Marta Kristen of Lost in Space played Lorelei the mermaid in Beach Blanket Bingo...

And be sure to check out the super-cute mermaid art of our friend Amy Fletcher! (This mermaidified Judy Jetson is Kornflake's favorite.)

Felicity's contribution: Sea Wees! These cute mermaid bath toys from Kenner were among the dolls that spurred young Felicity's collecting habit.

Finally, as promised, here is a video of mentalist Mark Edward performing a "psychic" reading using a banana. Check out his new book Psychic Blues: Confessions of a Conflicted Medium.