Sun, October 6, 2013

Flopcast 074: School House Rock Part 3 - She's a Galaxy Girl

More School House Rock 40th anniversary fun this week, as Kevin knocks out a Top 4 ½ List of Science Rock cartoons! (Get ready for a shock, but we're huge fans of Interplanet Janet around here.) As a bonus, this leads to yet another bizarre tale from junior high school in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. (We'll never run out of these stories. It was a weird, weird place.) Also: Kornflake and Scott Baio prepare to scream.

Show Notes

Ever wanted to scream in frustration along with everyone else on Earth? Then October 12, International Moment of Frustration Scream Day, is just the day for you! Scott Baio may not be screaming in this photo, but you can tell he wants to.

Top 4 ½ Science Rock Cartoons:

Kevin's number 4 is easy to sing along with: just repeat, "Electricity, Electricity".

The Tokens, famous for "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", also made a contribution to School House Rock with "A Victim of Gravity"!

"The Energy Blues" is another Jack Sheldon classic; it even inspired a run of new conservation-themed cartoons called Earth Rock in 2009.

Though it centers around technology unfamiliar to most kids of the '70s, "Telegraph Line" is catchy enough to get the message across.

And what could Kevin's top pick be besides "Interplanet Janet", everyone's favorite rocket girl with metal boobs?

Janet skips Earth in her original appearance, but does make a visit in the aforementioned Earth Rock series, highlighting solar power.

Also making a welcome return: Kornflake's favorite Grammar Rock character, Mr. Morton! He and Pearl now have a son named Norton (poor kid).

Bonus clip: Felicity would have ranked "The Body Machine" in her top 4 ½, even though it is "a little silli".