Sun, February 16, 2014

Flopcast 093: Walk the Dino-Chicken

As Saturday Night Live's Stefon might say, this podcast has everything: Hula hoops, handcuffs, Harvey the Wonder Pony, your Flopcast hosts in a hot tub time machine, and yes, dino-chickens. Also: A bizarre challenge is issued to The Pod of Destiny. If only we were making at least some of this up... but it's all horribly, shockingly real. Enjoy.

Show Notes

February 20 is National Handcuff Day. Use your imagination, but make sure you know where your keys are...

Back to MarsCon for a moment...Kevin and Kornflake have been immortalized by the great Luke Ski in the artwork for this year's Dementia Track T-Shirt! All the track's performers and personalities are re-imagined as time travelers, and you can wear them all on your torso, courtesy of Spreadshirt.

That's all, folks. The Mayor of Chickentown is resigning from her post and devoting the rest of her life to raising chickens that walk like dinosaurs.