Sun, July 13, 2014

Flopcast 114: FumpFest 2014 - Boob Tree with Vodka

Kevin and Kornflake are finally back in Chickentown, gulping down iced coffee and looking back at last month's awesome funny music convention, FumpFest. Topics include: Kevin's weird pre-FumpFest activities (involving gangsters, Gorf, and a triple dog dare), Kornflake's breakfast with Doctor Demento (do NOT try the fish heads at the buffet), the Logan Awards for Excellence in Comedy Music ('twas a clean sweep for the Bay City Rollers, at least in our dreams), more Dementia Smackdown Wrestling and last-minute Dementia Water Aerobics, Italian food prepared by a Kryptonian monkey, and a big glass of Smogberry Stout. You'll also hear the first ever "Bad Flopport of Destiny" triple-podcast, our exclusive interview with ShoEboX of the comedy synth punk band Worm Quartet (also featuring Doornail, the great Luke Ski, and Chris of Power Salad), and Kornflake's FumpFest-themed Top 4 ½ List. Also: The recommended dress for this week's National Whatever Day is very, very casual.

Show Notes

Get ready for National Nude Day on July 14! We declined to illustrate this for you, figuring that you know how to find naked pictured on the internet all by yourself.

Prior to FuMPFest, Kevin took a quick jaunt to Indiana to visit the John Dillinger Museum and a statue inspired by A Christmas Story. He also worked in a trip to the Galloping Ghost Arcade.


Doornail and Kornflake greet attendees with their sunny smiles!

Here's Kevin's Boob Tree rendition of Luke Ski.

And speaking of boobs, here's a blurry selfie of Kevin with Marianna and a Boobles pint glass. Maybe Kevin's camera had beer goggles.

The Boobles is a project involving Seamonkey, who also brewed beer especially for FuMPFest!

Kornflake's Top 4 ½ Favorite Things about FuMPFest:

* Voice of "Chickens in the News" and this year's Logan Award winner for Outstanding Parody Song

Among the performers too numerous to mention, Kevin was very pleased to see Tim Cavanaugh, author of the classic song parody "99 Dead Baboons".

Another performer, ShoEboX of Worm Quartet, got the Flopcast interview treatment because we love keytars (and also because he's extremely talented).

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