Sun, June 28, 2015

Flopcast 164: Sexy as a Disco Mummy

Kevin and Kornflake have one more item of business to discuss from FuMPFeST, as Kevin reveals that in the middle of this funny music convention, he sneaked off to a whole other convention! This was Mego Meet, a show dedicated to the Mego superhero dolls (sorry, action figures) of the 1970s. Found at Mego Meet: Kid Flash's boots, Tiny Titans creator Art Baltazar, an Ark II Halloween costume, and (according to a rumor started by some goofy podcast) Taylor Swift. The toy talk continues as we flip through a fun book called Rack Toys, which features page after page of bizarre cheapo toys from the 70s and 80s. (The Land of the Lost pinball game looks awesome, but we're baffled by the Love Boat Barber Shop set.) Then we look ahead to CONvergence, a big crazy convention happening Fourth of July weekend in Bloomington, Minnesota. Kevin will be there, mostly talking about Fangface. Meanwhile, Kornflake just wants you to enjoy a bowl of angry ice cream.

Show Notes

Now that it's Summer, National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day is an appropriate thing to celebrate. What's your favorite bizarre flavor? I don't think anyone here in Chickentown is brave enough to try this one...

Why attend one convention when you can attend two? While in the Chicago area for FuMPFest, Kevin managed to work in a trip to Mego Meet. Check out the Mego Museum for the ultimate reference guide. Here's a great catalog image (key here) showing the breadth of their output!

The nostalgia site Plaid Stallions is responsible for the Rack Toys book that Kevin brought home.

"Why are there no sexy mummies?" asks CONvergence. Clearly they don't know about the Disco Mummy from The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show!