Sunday, July 24, 2016

Flopcast 220: The Rabid Weasels Go Ghostbustin'

This week we've secretly replaced our regular coffee with Hi-C Ecto Cooler, because it's time to check out the new Ghostbusters movie! Kevin recalls his favorite cover version of the Ghostbusters theme, by that legendary band, the Happy Hamsters. Meanwhile, thanks to our friends at the Kyle and Luke Talk About Toons podcast, Kornflake has become an actual Ghostbuster, and is already busting ghost lobsters. We also get hit by mysterious articles of clothing during Strip Zeppelin, a burlesque show featuring Niki Luparelli and the Gold Diggers, the Lipstick Criminals, and an elf. And we recommend new music from Richie Ramone (the third Ramones drummer, between Marky and, uh, Marky) and Moon Hooch (because we just can't get enough crazy saxophones). Plus: If you'd like to learn how to talk to a rabid weasel in an elevator, we just might have you covered.

Show Notes

July 29 is the day to talk to people in elevators, but don't blame us if you get rabies...

Kevin and Kornflake's memories of the original Ghostbusters film mostly involve Hi-C Ecto Cooler and the Happy Hamsters.


You may have heard that the new Ghostbusters are all women, and it seems that Kornflake has joined their ranks, courtesy of Kyle and Luke Talk About Toons!

We never miss a chance to see Niki Luparelli perform with burlesque dancers! Here we are after the show with our friend Andrea.

Our other musical recommendations include Moon Hooch and Richie Ramone.