Sunday, September 18, 2016

Flopcast 228: FumpFest 2016 - My Stomach and Face Hurt From Laughing

Kornflake is back from Chicago, where she was surrounded by some of our favorite silly people at FumpFest, a whole crazy convention of comedy music! Her adventures included Dementia Water Aerobics, field trips away from the convention for weird theater and weird French toast, receiving more lobster-themed gifts, and smashing up a rental car like she was in Hazzard County. There were also plenty of hilarious performers, of course, including Devo Spice, Carrie Dahlby, Seamonkey, Worm Quartet, The Gothsicles, Rob Paravonian, Tim Cavanagh, Tom Smith, Dino-Mike, Megathruster, 2D6, and FumpFest Guests of Honor Paul and Storm! Kornflake even brought us a special Flopcast interview with The Library Bards, Bonnie and Xander! (And listen carefully for cameos from Jaykitty, Insane Ian, and the great Luke Ski!) We also have a "What's in the Bag" segment (featuring a mysterious liquid Kornflake acquired in Chicago), and we're celebrating National Elephant Day. So come on — this is the most Fumpfestive podcast you'll hear all day.

Show Notes

The Mayor is very busy this week with a secret project and offers her apologies for the skimpy show notes.

September 22 is National Elephant Appreciation Day. Here's the cute, bespectacled Cocoa Krispies elephant!

Everybody at FuMPFeST 2016 loved the Library Bards, whose spiffy outfits are from Celtic Dragon Leather!