Sunday, July 30, 2017

Flopcast 273: Philadelphia or Lederhosen

It's a summertime catch up episode, before we completely shift into frantic get-ready-for-DragonCon mode! Discussed this week: Spider-Man Homecoming (they made another Kornflake-friendly superhero movie!), a Pink Floyd tribute show from Niki Luparelli and the Gold Diggers (called "The Blonde Side of the Moon," of course), TV Guidance Counselor live at Philly Podfest (you know we're always up for a crazy road trip), an online concert by Marc With a C (including an obscure Monkees cover, which we always appreciate), the Everyday Ethics podcast (Kornflake's podcast pick for July), and the dangers of singing in rounds (just don't risk it, kids). Also: Episode 7 of High Feather! Yes, we're still doing this. Sorry.

Show Notes

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man goes back to his teenage roots...but not quite far enough for fans of The Electric Company.

Niki Luparelli is always coming up with new ideas for shows, and we're always on board.

Meanwhile, Kornflake enjoyed an online concert from Marc With a C!

The TV Guidance Counselor episode recorded live at the Philadelphia Podcast Festival is available here. Just imagine you were along for Ken and Kevin's wacky road trip!

And speaking of podcasts, Kornflake's pick for the month is Everyday Ethics.

Tom's going home on High Feather, and we're in the home stretch!