Sunday, February 25, 2018

Flopcast 303: The Ding of Victory

This week we open our long-neglected Flopcast Mailbag and find a Top 4 ½ List of video games featuring chickens! It's a nice bizarre list, and the games are mostly new to us (since we stopped paying attention to anything after the 80s). But we were inspired to break out our old Atari 2600 and fire up a classic chicken game! So if you've always dreamed of listening to us play Freeway by Activision here on the Flopcast... this is your big day. Also: We're celebrating National Mulled Wine Day... with black coffee. Stay safe, kids. Don't drink and Atari.

Show Notes

Looking back at Kevin's glögg-making days, here is one of the vintages he produced:

Top 4 ½ Video Games Featuring Chickens (from @FatherBeast)

Chickens on the beach in CocoCay, Bahamas:

Kevin and Kornflake played the greatest chicken game of all, Freeway, on a genuine Atari 2600!