Sunday, September 16, 2018

Flopcast 332: Delicious Manipulation

It's our end-of-summer spectacular! (Disclaimer: May not actually be spectacular, but it's all we have...) Kornflake visits a zoo and amusement park, spends quality time with capybaras (they're giant rodents!) and weird birds (they're weird and they're birds!), appreciates elephants, gets kicked out of bounce houses, and has strong opinions about fried dough, salt water taffy, and a mysterious scary item known as "beach pizza." Meanwhile, pre-DragonCon (but we're just getting around to discussing it), Kevin and the Mayor road-trip all the way to Philadelphia for an amazing concert by Jeff Lynne and the Electric Light Orchestra. (Just how obsessed with Xanadu are we? You have no idea.) While there, we are gifted with a beautiful Flash Gordon notebook from Rich's Really Cool Notebooks, and we're pretty sure it will save every one of us.

Show Notes

Here is an elephant (and some turkeys) for you to appreciate, courtesy of Sandra Boynton.

Your Flopcast hosts are very fond of capybaras. This one might be wishing the bird would "go away", but manages to look relaxed nonetheless. Check out this self-explanatory tumblr for more photos.

Felicity's friend Tom managed to get some excellent photos at the ELO concert. This one appears to include all the band members!

We were delighted to catch up with Rich, Donna, and Maria in Philadelphia, and not just because Rich gave us these really cool notebooks!