Sunday, February 10, 2019

Flopcast 353: Vansploitation

It's miserably cold here in Chickentown, and we just can't take it anymore, but we still managed to prepare a goofy little show for you. Including: Kevin reviews The Van, a dreadful 1977 movie with Danny DeVito (and a weird Brady Bunch connection)! Kornflake has questions about yacht rock! (Don't we all?) Jennifer Aniston has a birthday! We preview two more upcoming conventions: Gallifrey One and MarsCon! Plus Kornflake goes snow tubing, Kevin donates blood, and we invent a disgusting new Olympic competition.

Show Notes

Watch out for Felicity at Gallifrey One, along with some friends of the Flopcast. Two weeks later, you can find Kornflake and Doornail hanging around MarsCon!

The Mayor is still not operating at full chickenpower and will let these photos speak for themselves.