Sunday, January 5, 2020

Flopcast 400: It's 2020! Krazbit!

Yes yes yes, it's our 400th episode! To celebrate, we're drinking lots of black coffee. (Hey, it worked for the first 399 shows.) We're also reviewing how we spent the stupid holidays, including a couple of festive movies (Knives Out and the new Star Wars, which needed more Bea Arthur), a couple of festive concerts (Dar Williams and Freezepop), and a very Robolar Christmas card. We also have a few classic Flopcast segments: What's in the Bag?, Chickens in the News... and the long-awaited (?) return of Capes or Apes. Also discussed along the way: British comedian James Acaster, a very important Tony Danza movie, a tiny drunk chicken, and the futuristic world of 2020 (according to Superman comics from 1980). And as promised... a MAJOR CONVENTION ANNOUNCEMENT from Kornflake! See, we finally have something to say. It only took 400 weeks.

Show Notes

The card that made Kornflake's days merry and bright:

We're debuting some weird new mashups in 2020! How about What's in the Bag AND Chickens in the News?

And Kevin couldn't resist doing Capes AND Apes!


We shared an exciting MarsCon announcement involving Kornflake and Friend of the Flopcast Jacob Haller!

Boston's Sci-Fi and Fantasy convention Arisia is just around the corner. You'll find both Kevin and Kornflake there!