Sunday, March 8, 2020

Flopcast 409: 1980 TV Part 2 - Cosmos and Enos

Kevin and the Mayor conclude their look back at the TV shows that debuted in 1980! It was the year of Tom Selleck in Hawaii and Tom Hanks in drag. Deputy Enos left Hazzard County for Los Angeles. The biggest stars in country music shared a stage with the Krofft puppets. Future stars like Martin Short and Linda Hamilton popped up in shows nobody remembers. (Our apologies to all you diehard fans of I'm A Big Girl Now and Secrets of Midland Heights...) We also had Ted Knight, Ann Jillian, Shaun Cassidy... and a short-lived reality show that introduced the world to a certain Mr. T. Want more? Okay, how about... the Solid Gold dancers! You're working on your time machine right now, aren't you? See you forty years ago.

Show Notes

More movie adaptations:


A famous science communicator and a famous mustache:


Long-running music programs:


A short-lived program with a very special claim to fame:


Felicity recently jumped in her TARDIS and joined the Earth Station Who podcast to talk about her favorite convention, Gallifrey One. She stuck around to review part one and part two of the season 12 finale!