Sunday, August 23, 2020

Flopcast 433: The Road to DragonCon 2 - The Good Word About Ice Worms

As virtual DragonCon approaches, we're virtually catching up with some of our favorite DragonCon people. And our guest this week is another old friend, coming to you all the way from Tennessee: Strange Animals Podcast host Kate Shaw! Kevin and Kate met through the small press publishing scene of the 90s, before they traded in their photocopiers and staplers for microphones and digital recorders. Now they meet up at DragonCon every year (except, you know, this year), and their DragonCon memories include steampunk owl-catcher costumes, birdwatching in the rain, and trying to give away a banana. Kate is working with DragonCon's Digital Media track again this year, and we'll share her virtual panel schedule soon, assuming we're not all devoured by giant ice worms. Also this week: DragonCon beverages, the DragonCon parade, Mary Tyler Moore costume groups, and Bigfoot. (Warning: As the convention gets closer, this show gets weirder.)

Show Notes

Check out this extensive history of the Ward 8 version of the whiskey sour. The Boston bar is shown below.

From small press to podcasts, Kate and Kevin have many shared interests! Kate hosts the Strange Animals Podcast and the Real Life Cooking Podcast.

She also makes a delightful Steampunk Owlcatcher!