Sunday, January 22, 2023

Flopcast 559: Arisia 2023 - Let Them Eat Ants

We are back from Arisia, Boston's annual convention of science fiction, fantasy, and general geekery. So here's our full report, including Kevin's comic book panels (on comic book memoirs and the history of Image Comics), the Mayor of Chickentown's Age and Fandom panel, and our pal Kevin Cafferty's Year in TV and Year in Star Wars panels! Also: The Post Meridian Radio Players with another fine genderswap Star Trek show! (We are big fans of Captain Jane T. Kirk.) The Geeky Belly Dance Show! The Masquerade! Our favorite costumes! (Our favorite costumes involved lobsters and anteaters, of course.) And Kevin runs around Boston like a maniac, finds the new MLK "Embrace" sculpture, and helps out the tourists at Cheers. Plus: Stargirl talk on Earth Station One, and National Whatever Day, because nothing is going to break Kornflake's stride.

Show Notes

Kevin guested on Earth Station One and was once again joined by Joe Crowe!

Let's face it, this is really the only photo from Arisia that you need to see. But if you want more, you can check out Facebook or Instagram!