Sunday, February 19, 2023

Flopcast 563: The Weird Al Game Part 2 - Lobby Waffle King

After a quick break for a couple of less weird episodes, it's time to wrap up The Weird Al Game, in which Kevin and Kornflake try to guess each other's favorite "Weird Al" Yankovic songs. (Hey, who comes up with better games than us? Please don't answer that.) This time we're covering Al's records from 1993 through 2014, so get ready for a cavalcade of giant TVs, phony calls, word crimes, Canadian idiots, and wonder hamsters. Feel free to play along and let us know your favorites! In the end, a winner shall be declared. But Don Pardo would probably say we're all complete losers.

Show Notes

Apologies for the slight delay in the show notes. The Mayor of Chickentown was dealing with poultry issues on the opposite coast! Here is the latter half of Al's oeuvre (just because Felicity likes saying "oeuvre").