Sunday, May 28, 2023

Flopcast 577: Maids and Butlers FlopFight Part 1 - Nonstop Sass Attack

We grew up in a world where seemingly every sitcom included a maid or a butler. Even middle class TV households somehow afforded live-in servants. And this week all those maids and butlers shall do battle in a good old fashioned FlopFight! What would happen if Benson (from Soap) and Florence (from The Jeffersons) were stranded on an island? How about hula-dancing Alice (The Brady Bunch) versus Batusi-dancing Alfred (Batman)? Anything could happen, and this week's winner will advance to the final round next week. And it's gonna get weird, so our special guest judge is a weirdness expert: Co-Director of the DragonCon American Sci-Fi Classics Track, Joe Crowe! So let's get ready to FlopFight. It might get a little messy, but a parade of Diff'rent Strokes maids should come along to mop up.

Show Notes

Happy Birthday, Ted McGinley! With Shrinking, he's finally in a TV show from the start.

Never mind binders full of women, we've got a mug full of maids!


And a...bowl full of butlers?


In any case, we have the man who literally wrote the book on Jarvis, Joe Crowe!