Sunday, October 22, 2023

Flopcast 598: All the Vermonsters

It's Halloween season, so we have another terrifying Flopcast for you, starting with some follow-up from last week's Monster Cereals Taste Test. We received a LOT of feedback (from BOTH of our listeners) on Carmella Creeper, since we were wondering if Carmella is indeed the first female cereal mascot. (This somehow leads to our learning way too much about Wheaties. Sorry.) We also just discovered a new monster cereal spin-off product: Monster Mash Spooky Berry Fruit Snacks! All your favorite cereal monsters (even Frute Brute and Yummy Mummy) are represented in chewy candy form, but we might be too frightened to taste-test them during the podcast. Also: Kevin just got back from Vermont, so we break out our handy Vermont Monster Guide and learn all about the Pigman. Plus: It's TV Talk Show Host Day. The Pigman doesn't have his own show yet, but we can dream.

Show Notes

The Monster Mash fruit snacks (thankfully gelatin-free) actually do include Carmella, although the individual packs don't show her. The flavors correspond to the cereals as well, except for Count Chocula, who is represented by grape. When is the FDA finally going to recognize chocolate as a fruit?

The Vermont Monster Guide and a few of its scary denizens:

Back in 2021, Kevin discussed the cover cryptid, Champ, on our sister podcast, But First, Let's Talk Nerdy! (NSFW warning!)