Sunday, June 2, 2024

Flopcast 630: Something Especially Idiotic

Kevin just watched a horrible movie and can't wait to tell the Mayor all about it! So kids, welcome to 1978's Record City. It's purportedly a comedy, but yikes, not a single joke lands. But at least the setting is fun, since the whole thing takes place at a late 70s California record store, and they have the Blondie and Jim Croce posters to prove it. The movie is also notable for its ensemble cast of familiar faces from Flopcast favorites like Love Boat, Fantasy Island, Brady Bunch, Batman, Lost Saucer, and even Pink Lady and Jeff. Get ready for some wacky (and problematic and cringeworthy) record store hijinks that completely fail to entertain. Meanwhile, just outside Record City, there's a big talent show hosted by a certain Disco Duck-singing DJ, and starring a certain Sledge-O-Matic-wielding comedian. Do we recommend that you watch Record City? Absolutely not. Does Record City somehow feature just one single arm from a gorilla suit? Oh yes, it sure does.

Show Notes

We apologize for the poor quality of these photos, but as you can imagine, very little information about this movie is documented online. Probably for the best.

It's a good looking store, we'll give it that.

The many faces of Frank Gorshin


Just how many people are plotting a robbery? Ed, we expect better of you.

Who needs the whole gorilla suit when an arm will do?

Yes, that is Gallagher, preparing to do exactly what you think.

Isaac the Bartender and Marcia Brady's jilted lover

The Chicken Lady and the skateboard scene. Your move, Gleaming the Tube!