Sunday, June 30, 2024

Flopcast 634: That's My 1974 Now!

We start with a quick report from a local nerd convention, where Kevin met up with some heroes of 1970s kids TV: Our old friends Wesley Eure and Kathy Coleman from Land of the Lost, our new friends Doug and Emmy Jo from The New Zoo Revue... and the legendary Sid Krofft. (We're still sort of freaking out about that last one...) Then Kevin and the Mayor of Chickentown look at the prime time TV shows that debuted half a century ago, in the year 1974. It's a short list (there were just three networks, kids), but it includes some long-running classics like Happy Days, Good Times, Little House on the Prairie, and Rockford Files. It also includes some short-lived shows that few remember, even if their casts included future stars like Jodie Foster, Penny Marshall, and Mark Hamill. And if you're looking for a show about Swedish immigrants in 1850s Minnesota starring Kurt Russell, the android from Logan's Run, and Bobby Brady's brother... we've got you covered there too.

Show Notes

Kevin is now the proud owner of a photo signed by both Krofft brothers! It's the cover shot of this issue of Atlanta Magazine.

Doug and Emmy Jo signed a copy of this photo for Kevin!

Among the more interesting 1974 TV debuts we learned about is The New Land, featuring a young-ish Kurt Russell.