Sunday, October 30, 2022

Flopcast 547: A Bear-Themed Existential Crisis

It's a good old fashioned Flopcast Top 4 ½ List, and the subject is bears. We have bears from TV (remember Grizzly Adams and his pal Ben?), cartoons (you know the Care Bears, but what about the Wuzzles?), songs (in case you were wondering how Lyle Lovett feels about bears), breakfast cereal (Sugar Bear really wanted to fatten up the children), and more. This is the goofiest bunch of bears you've seen since the Super Bowl Shuffle. And some very important bears are missing from our list, so let us know your favorites! (Send them over to the studio with a pic-a-nic basket.) Also: Happy Birthday to A-ha keyboardist Magne Furuholmen. Kornflake even tries to pronounce his name, because it's no better to be safe than sorry.

Show Notes

Top 4 ½ Bears