Mon, May 14 2012

Flopcast 001: Water Aerobics in the Martian Gravity Pit

It's our first official episode! Kevin and Kornflake are strangely fascinated by their coffee mugs, Kornflake attends an Australia-themed wedding (but not really), the Prank Wars begin, Kevin goes to MarsCon and plays Boob Tree, we recall weird candy from the 80s, and the contents of a Mystery Bag are revealed. It's just another day in Chickentown.

Show Notes

Hey, kids! Mugs!

Help Kornflake win the Prank War! Streamers, balloons, post-its... what's next? Something involving giant angry squirrels, perhaps? Send us your weird suggestions.

Read about Kevin's trip to MarsCon, where the humans are silly and the Klingon beverages are scary...

Check out Luke and Carrie's Bad Rapport! (Look, they have Boob Tree pictures!)

Also check out Consortium of Genius! (Do it now, because they're probably going to blow up the world sometime soon.)

And finally, here, enjoy some weird candy. (Back in the 80s in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, this is all we had...)