Sun, July 29, 2012

Flopcast 012: Mustaches and Blowfish Just Don't Mix

Kevin and Kornflake exchange weird summer job stories — Kornflake worked at a mysterious warehouse which may or may not have contained little suits for turkeys, while Kevin drew edible Legos on TV; our latest Chicken in the News resides in a town all too familiar to us; and we count down our Top 4 ½ favorite mustaches. (Yikes, Magnum PI didn't even make the list! You know where to send your complaints.)

Show Notes

Just as you suspected, this time our show "notes" are just a bunch of mustache pictures. How many of these mustaches do you know? (And how many of them frighten you? Be honest.)

Warning #1: One of the mustaches pictured below was not actually mentioned on the show (but probably should have been). Can you find it?

Warning #2: Do not stare directly at the mustaches. They take that as a challenge.