Sun, August 5, 2012

Flopcast 013: That's What Creepy Strangers Are For

A super-short episode, because we're sleepy! This week: Thanks to her trusty expired sunblock, Kornflake is now a healthy Kool-Aid Man shade of red; Kevin's trip to North Carolina and Kornflake's trip to Maine both involve weird ducks; and we sneak in a little Spider-Man movie talk too. Warning: The show ends with some genuine Morgan Freeman narration, as if a bunch of penguins were breaking out of Shawshank.

Show Notes

This is the muscovy duck we met in North Carolina. So far it is ignoring our Facebook friend requests.

And here's a REALLY exciting video of two muscovy ducks we encountered in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Like everyone in Woonsocket, they are plotting their escape.

How to get pretend eggs from a fake chicken, compliments of the North Carolina Museum of History:

Never mind the new Spider-Man movie. This is the 1970s Electric Company Spider-Man, who spoke only in word balloons. Hard to believe the censors let him get away with using the y-word.

Our favorite version of Spider-Man is the early 80s cartoon series Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. Here Firestar gently suggests to Peter that his costume might look cooler without the stupid turtleneck.