Sun, November 18, 2012

Flopcast 028: Bad Spam Juggler

The Mayor of Chickentown presides over another electrifying round of "What's in the Bag?"; Kevin reports from the Rhode Island Comic Con, where he meets costumed characters, horror hosts, giant snakes, and Holly from Land of the Lost; Kornflake meets an oddly chatty toll booth attendant, and plans a proper Thanksgiving dinner featuring toast and jelly beans; Kevin has one more story about juggling Spam on TV (this time it was on the streets of New York, on Thanksgiving Day, with Jennifer Grey); and in our most awesome "Chickens in the News" segment ever, a brave little rubber chicken is heading for outer space. So it's a pretty festive Thanksgiving show. We're like the giant Underdog balloon of podcasts.

Show Notes

What was in the bag? A squouse (known to most people as a squirrel) and a lobster!

Look at all the exciting characters Kevin met at Rhode Island Comic Con!

Horror Host Uncle Fright:

Representatives of the Humanists of Rhode Island, including Christine in the Star Trek uniform:

Artist Bill Walko, creator of The Hero Business:

Joe Medeiros from Rubber Chicken Comics, creator of Ace Chicken — Space Chicken:

Jeanine and Daniel from Fun Q Games:

Superman and Booster Gold:

Daenerys from Game of Thrones:

From local costuming group Wicked Geeky, Brittany as Crystal (with an equally mustard-colored Captain Kirk)...

Martha as Mera (bonding with a snake)...

Jessica as Black Cat (with Brian as Kraven)...

And Panda as Ms. Marvel (with Kevin):

Spam-juggling in New York City, Thanksgiving Day 1995 — hopefully this is the stupidest thing that ever happened.

The aftermath of the Breakfast Time Thanksgiving Street Crossing: Kevin, no longer juggling Spam, is on the far left. In the center are Jennifer Grey and Tom Bergeron, about to be devoured by the giant Bob the Puppet balloon.

Recently featured in a WIRED article, our Rubber Chicken in the News, Camilla Corona, has flown to the upper reaches of Earth's atmosphere. Now she's in training to visit the International Space Station!