Sun, April 7, 2013

Flopcast 048: Lying Through Our Tall Teeth

Welcome to springtime in Chickentown, true believers! Kornflake is doing some spring cleaning; Kevin is not. Meanwhile, for this week's "National Whatever Day", our plans to "walk on the wild side" involve parachutes, gorilla suits, and prepositions. (This will not end well.) Finally we present a Top 4 ½ List that's all about TEETH! But as usual, it's actually a list of weird cartoons, puppets, and They Might Be Giants songs. Because we are us.

Show Notes

April 12 is Walk on Your Wild Side Day. Go for it!

Top 4 ½ Teeth:

Apparently there were several albums featuring The Smurfs, and the song "Smurf Baby" includes the lyric, "I threw you out with nothing but a fine tooth comb." Young Kornflake was traumatized for years!

Reaching all the way back to They Might Be Giants' second album, Lincoln, Kevin offers up "Shoehorn with Teeth". This live performance features bonus sock puppets.

To lie through one's teeth is to lie with a smile on one's face, or so Wikipedia tells us.

Kevin's dentist gives out appointment cards featuring these cute anthropomorphic teeth (who don't want to kidnap you, honest):

Kornflake enjoys the webcomic Toothpaste for Dinner.

If there were going to be a match on this list, it's natural that it would be Muppet bandleader Doctor Teeth!

Another TMBG song made Kornflake's list: "I've Got a Fang" from the album Mink Car.

Fonzie wannabe "The Chopper" enourages kids to exercise theirs in this PSA:

Mr. T (not the one you're thinking of) is one of the Letter People, and his defining feature is his Tall Teeth. He made quite the impression (get it?) on young Kevin. Discovering him as adults, Kornflake finds him charming, but Felicity is getting a creepy vibe.