Sun, March 31, 2013

Flopcast 047: No Pants for Kool-Aid Man

This week Kevin and Kornflake tackle the tough questions. Is Level 42 better than Black 47? (No, they both rule.) Was Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings just a ripoff of Harold and the Purple Crayon? (See previous answer.) Kool-Aid Man: thirst-quenching hero or out-of-control destructive freak? (Again, BOTH!) And how many times will our "Chickens in the News" segment take us back to Woonsocket, Rhode Island? (Just twice so far. But we're monitoring the Northern Rhode Island poultry situation very, very closely.)

Show Notes

April 2, birthday of Hans Christian Anderson, marks International Children's Book Day. Kevin is fond of Harold and the Purple Crayon, while Kornflake remembers Betty Bear's Birthday being a particular favorite.


"The Pudding Pages" delivers another winner. Hey, Kool-Aid!

Enjoy this commercial from the '70s; you'll hear an '80s ad at the end of this episode.

This week's "Chickens in the News" (with snazzy new intro by Chris Mezzolesta) revisits the chicken situation in Woonsocket, RI. Here's the cover photo from the Northern Rhode Island 'Burbs; the article itself is a reprint from The Woonsocket Call.

The Independent Podcasters Network also calls Woonsocket home, though we're not sure why. We asked Skepchick's Rebecca Watson about it when last we saw her, but she was evasive.