Sunday, October 11, 2015

Flopcast 179: Tsacpolf

Siht si a yletelpmoc lamron edosipe fo eht Tsacpolf.

Show Notes

January 31 is Backwards Day. We're either 8 ½ months late or 3 ½ months early.

Top 4 ½ Backwards Things

Both Kevin and Kornflake's lists start (or finish) with songs. Franz Ferdinand's "Michael" features a backwards message, and Weird Al's "Bob" is all about palindromes.

Taco Cat: cutest palindrome ever? (There's also a band called Tacocat!)

Superman's imperfect double is Bizarro. Here they battle each other as giants in an episode of Challenge of the Super Friends.

Another song Kornflake likes is "Rewind" by The Paper Raincoat.

A Stephen Sondheim musical told in reverse (sort of like this episode), Merrily We Roll Along was discussed in Flopcast 142.

This is apparently Michael Jackson's first performance of the Moonwalk.

We're racking up the videos in this episode! Here's Kevin's #1 pick, "10-9-8" by Face to Face.

And finally (?) we have everyone's favorite backwards-speaker, Zatanna, as she appeared on Justice League Unlimited (apparently scolding Batman).