Sunday, June 19, 2016

Flopcast 215: A New Fun Beverage

Kevin and Kornflake want you to celebrate National Selfie Day, especially if you're a macaque; we creep down to the rock clubs of Providence, Rhode Island in search of Mongoose Molly; we have a new movie review, all thanks to a power outage; and we look ahead at CONvergence (4th of July weekend in Bloomington, Minnesota), featuring meteorites, owls, Martians, Joseph Scrimshaw, the Skepchick Space Lab, and Kevin's big chance to mansplain Supergirl. Also, yes, Kornflake and Doornail invented a new fun beverage. The secret ingredients are vodka and vodka.

Show Notes

National Selfie Day! It's not often that Felicity gets to use the same photo two weeks in a row. Then again, it's always a good time for a macaque selfie.

Kevin's sister Christine is a veteran of the Ladies Rock Camp, and Kevin and Felicity recently saw her band Mongoose Molly perform at AS220.

Due to a power outage, Felicity and Kevin were tricked into seeing Popstar, and they enjoyed it!

Yet another RiffTrax Live event is coming up, and this is a very special MST3K reunion!

Look out for Kevin and Felicity at CONvergence June 30-July 4! They'll most likely end up in the stocks again.