Sunday, May 28, 2017

Flopcast 264: Joyce's Hermits

We have an unusual show this week, and needless to say, it involves Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Years ago, we rescued a weird old book from a Woonsocket library book sale. It's called "My Private Life: A Personal Record For the Teen Years"... and this copy was actually filled in, by an actual teen, way back in 1966. Now don't worry; despite the title, there's nothing really private in it. But it does offer a fun glimpse at the life of a junior high student we'll call Joyce (not her real name) half a century ago. (The short version: Joyce was into horses, bell bottoms, horses, Batman, the Dave Clark Five, and horses.) Also: Kornflake recommends Pod Casserole (another fine show right here on the ESO Network), and the people of Fruita, Colorado are celebrating Miracle Mike the Headless Chicken. (If only Mike had kept a diary too...)

Show Notes

The annual festival in honor of Mike takes place June 2-3.

Kornflake recommends Pod Casserole from Adam and JP, fellow members of the ESO Network!

A cautionary tale: don't let your diary get donated to a book sale! Marcia Brady learned that lesson all too well.

Here are some of "Joyce's" thoughts on music and television: