Sunday, November 26, 2017

Flopcast 290: Washing Down the Hammer Pants

Our 1980s-themed shows have ended (but for how long?), and yikes, here come the 1990s. We'll get through this ten-episode descent into madness together, starting this week with a look at the year 1990. Yes, MC Hammer (and his giant pants) ruled the pop charts... but weirder acts like They Might Be Giants and Ed's Redeeming Qualities were around too, and that's what we liked. Meanwhile back here in 2017, Kornflake has a couple of concert reports. She traveled down to Rhode Island (land of coffee milk and lobby waffles) to see Eddie From Ohio, and up to New Hampshire (land of mountains and angry people) to see Janet Jackson! (You may remember Janet from Diff'rent Strokes, but did you know she is also a rather successful recording artist?) And Kornflake also has her podcast recommendation for November. Does it somehow involve Jon Cryer? Oh, you bet it does.

Show Notes

According to People Magazine, MC Hammer has no regrets over Hammer Pants.

A few of the albums that struck Kevin's fancy in 1990:


Janet Jackson has a bib dress showdown with Dana Plato on Diff'rent Strokes:

Kornflake recommends the storytelling podcast Circle Round!