Sunday, April 21, 2019

Flopcast 363: Bring Us the Goose Girl

After slacking off through the miserable winter, we attempt to catch up with TWO Kornflake on the Road segments. First Kornflake visits a beachside coffee shop and returns with a bag of mysterious prizes. Then Kornflake joins Kevin and the Mayor at a crowded Boston bar for a surprise show by our favorite synthpop band, Freezepop! (Spotted in the Freezepop crowd: talkative strangers, science fiction convention costumers, and geese.) Next in a round of Capes or Apes, we meet some adventurous Irish chimpanzees. And we're celebrating English Muffin Day. Yeah, we're out of control.

Show Notes

English muffins didn't originate in England, but they were invented by a British ex-pat named Samuel Bath Thomas.

Kornflake found flop stickers at Jumpin Jack's Java in Hampton Beach!

We never miss a chance to see Freezepop, and their Facebook page features video from the free show we recently enjoyed!

The latest installment of Capes or Apes features news of a chimp escape at Belfast Zoo!