Sunday, September 8, 2019

Flopcast 383: DragonCon 2019 Part 1 - Hulk Salad

It was five weird days with 85,000 weird humans... we have so much to cover from DragonCon that we're splitting it into two episodes! This week's review includes: The DragonCon Newbie Walking Tours; the ESO Network Meet and Greet; Doctor Who's David Tennant; legendary comic book artist George Pérez; Rankin/Bass animation expert Rick Goldschmidt; the Sci-Fi Explosion show (featuring Billy Ocean, believe it or not); the DragonCon parade; the cast of Gotham; unpopular opinions with MST3K's Bill Corbett; our Sci-Fi Legends memorial panel; a Batman-themed Roll-a-Panel; Kevin's other panels on Arrow, Titans, Gotham, the Planet of the Apes cartoon, and Cousin Oliver (!); the Mayor's panel on Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure; robot rock band Cybertronic Spree; late nights with Crusher, Picard, and Good Enough Cosplay; the DragonCon premiere of the documentary Troublemaker (starring our friend Dave); and yes, lots more. And that's just the first half! More DragonCon silliness next week, if we ever stop napping.

Show Notes

Kevin's DragonCon photo album is on our Facebook page! We'll discuss some of the best cosplay next week.

Hulk salad and Carpet cake!


In a galaxy far, far away...Billy Ocean!?

Bill Corbett's Funhouse live podcast recording:

Cosplayers at Kevin's Titans panel...

...and Felicity's Bill & Ted panel!

Screening the Troublemaker film: