Sunday, March 22, 2020

Flopcast 411: Hold the Iguana

Remember what the world was like two weeks ago? Yeah, things have changed. But that's when Kevin took a quick trip to Las Vegas to visit our dear friends Brittany and Martha of Good Enough Cosplay! So they're on the show this week, discussing murderers and ice cream bears, strippers and showers, turkeys and taxes, Black Widow and Hawkeye... and their upcoming podcast: But First, Let's Talk Nerdy. Kevin and Brittany also ran a 5K race in the Vegas desert, and the results will shock you. (Yes, rubber reptiles and tiny trash bins were involved.) Also: Online concerts, Mystery Science Theater 3000 Live, where to find the new Kornflake & Jacob album, a Kornflake Book Club update, and Happy Birthday to Martin Short. Why not celebrate by dressing like Ed Grimley? It's not like you're leaving the house.

Show Notes

Happy Birthday to Martin Short! His delightful tour with Steve Martin was recorded for a Netflix special. Check it out!

Here's another plug for the album by Kornflake & Jacob, available on CDBaby!

Appropriate entertainment for a Vegas visit:

It's a Classy Chickens reunion race!