Sunday, March 29, 2020

Flopcast 412: The Hot Macrame Talk

We're still in social distancing mode here in Chickentown, of course, as we cross one cancelled event after another off the stupid calendar. (Specifically, Pee Wee Herman and Diane Birch are keeping their distance from us this week.) But that means more TV talk (Lost in Space, Shrill, Picard, Taskmaster, and the upcoming cartoon Solar Opposites) and even more online concerts (Taylor Dayne is telling it to our hearts, straight from her living room). Also, National Handmade Day is this week, and is NOT cancelled, so Kornflake is gonna macrame like it's 1979. And in our Chickens in the News segment, we discuss new fossil evidence of a giant prehistoric chicken that dressed like Lynda Carter and killed all the dinosaurs. (Disclaimer: We just kind of skimmed the article.)

Show Notes

You certainly don't need to pick up a new skill during this time, but if you want to, National Handmade Day would be a good time to start! How about macrame?

Solar Opposites is an animated series coming soon on Hulu, and Friend of the Flopcast Lindsay Smith is working on it!

Arturo, our most consistent source of Chickens in the News, told us about the wonderchicken!

Complementing our recent discussion of TV shows that debuted in 1980, check out this week's episode of Earth Station One, where Kevin joins in a conversation about 1980 in movies!