Sunday, June 14, 2020

Flopcast 423: Lobster Avalanche

By request, Kevin lists a favorite album for each year of the 1980s, and Kornflake provides expert (?) commentary along the way. (Several Australian acts made the list. Not just Air Supply.) Also: We're dancing on the ceiling with clay heads in honor of Lionel Richie's birthday, Kevin finally leaves the house (wearing a chicken mask) for the reopening of Rubber Chicken Comics, we're back in Classic Sci-Fi Court, and Kornflake has weird coffee and a lobster avalanche. It was not a normal week. We don't have those anymore.

Show Notes

The return of Classic Sci-Fi Court with Joe and Gary from the DragonCon American Sci-Fi Classics Track features Kevin defending the earlier, less successful attempt to revive Lost in Space as a theatrical film in 1998.

We first mentioned Archie McPhee's rubber chicken face masks in Flopcast 420, but that was approximately 47 years ago.

One of those masks enabled Kevin to visit Rubber Chicken Comics and pick up a copy of Retro Fan Magazine with a familiar (also masked) face on the cover.

Kevin's favorite 80s albums by year: