Sunday, March 14, 2021

Flopcast 462: Hey, Kids! Goofy Comics!

For more than 80 years, DC Comics has brought us legends like Wonder Woman and Batman... as well as sillier characters like Kite Man and Bat Mite. There's a long rich history of goofy characters at DC, and we love them all. So that's the subject of our latest Top 4 ½ List: goofy DC characters. And we invited an expert to play along: Drew, co-host of the Earth Station DCU podcast! Our goofy list includes some Bat-villains, of course, as well as a crime-fighting chimpanzee, a teen president, a hippie mannequin, dogs in space, cab drivers in space, and more. This could have been a Top 400 List, because we didn't even get around to Matter Eater Lad, Mr. Tawky Tawny, Quisp, Bird-Boy, Mer-Boy, and all the residents of the Bizarro World. In fact, this episode just might go on forever... unless you can trick us into saying "Kltpzyxm."

Show Notes

Just as the list of goofy DC characters is endless, so are Alan Tudyk's credits. One that didn't get a mention was the pessimistic droid K-2SO in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

Top 4 ½ Goofy DC Characters (with Drew from Earth Station DCU)