Sunday, February 13, 2022

Flopcast 510: Bird First

Just a weird mix of stuff this time: Kornflake learns that a former New England Patriots quarterback (no, not that one) is now in the wine business, and takes appropriate action; a giant Asian sea eagle has been hanging around Massachusetts, and we're trying to lure it to Chickentown Studios for an interview; Kornflake recommends a new webcomic about high school kids in the 80s (of course); and our friends at Rubber Chicken Comics brought an amazing 1974 anti-smoking PSA to our attention, and suddenly it's all we care about. (It's connected to Happy Days AND The Brady Bunch, so, you know...)

Show Notes

Kornflake wants to hook you up with some wine from the Bledsoe Family Winery.

An unusual bird visitor to this part of the world has been hanging out in Maine! You can read about the journey of the Steller's sea eagle and watch him eat a duck (if you have the stomach for it).

Let's Call It Quits! But first, let's enjoy some cigarettes with our whiskey in the Brady Bunch house's secret bar area!

Friend of the Flopcast Jon Sloan's webcomics The Do-Jahng and Jim & Celeste can be found here!