Sunday, March 20, 2022

Flopcast 515: Dedication to Pie

Another quick random show, including: Happy Birthday to Matthew Broderick (star of Ladyhawke) and Elton John (star of the "Nikita" music video); Kevin has a pile of 80s movie promo buttons ("Free Johnny Dangerously!"); Gloria Estefan is a cat; Madonna is not a mermaid; the American Sci-Fi Classics Track hosts another Battle of the Fictional Bands (former champion Dr. Teeth was excused this time); they're rolling D&D dice on But First, Let's Talk Nerdy; and of course, we're celebrating Pi Day. With pie.

Show Notes

Kevin participated in the latest Battle of the Fictional Bands, and so did Bonus Kevin!

Brittany and Martha welcomed a guest who was not Kevin on But First, Let's Talk Nerdy!

Neither Kevin nor Kornflake ever saw Ladyhawke? Felicity certainly did. As an avid reader of fantasy, she clung to every one of those flawed cinematic attempts at the genre. But it took Peter Jackson until 2001 to finally get it right.