Sunday, March 27, 2022

Flopcast 516: Carrie Is a Problem

It's just more random silliness, just for you. We imagine a world in which Kornflake is in control (it'll be all Howard Jones concerts, all the time), and Kevin recalls racing a turkey through the mean streets of Chickentown (the turkey won, of course). Then our supercomputer forces us to discuss Capitol Critters (the short-lived cartoon series with Doogie Howser as a field mouse in Washington DC), Arcade (a Tron-like movie starring Q from Star Trek and Ralphie from A Christmas Story - how did we miss this?), and another mystery pop song from the 1980s. Can you guess the song before Kornflake? Probably.

Show Notes

Random topics from TV, movies, and we do anything else?

In the post-Simpsons prime time animation boom, networks may have overestimated how interested viewers were in cartoon vermin.

Here's a trailer for Arcade, which looks like Tron on an Afterschool Special budget.

The music video for "Somebody's Baby" does have scenes from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, but not the ones you want to see.