Sunday, March 19, 2023

Flopcast 567: I Know Where You Stuff Things

It's about time for another Dynamite magazine review, but to mix things up, we're looking at a different (but eerily similar) magazine called Winner. A single issue of Winner was sold through school book clubs in 1982, and it's essentially a sports-themed version of Dynamite. Our discussion includes: John McEnroe's hair; Chris Evert on SNL; KangaROOS, the sneakers with pockets; how Kevin learned to juggle Spam; Larry Bird vs Dr. J vs Mike Brady; an ice skating lesson from Linda Fratianne; the longest baseball game in history (yes, it happened in Rhode Island); a wedding on rollerskates; the shockingly high cost of a keyboard for your Intellivision; and why sad kids have the best posters. Also: It's National Puppy Day, so you might as well send all your dogs to go live with Kornflake.

Show Notes

The very valuable first (and last) issue of Winner:

Holy Marsupials, Batman...apparently they still make KangaROOS!

Hopefully this marriage on roller skates proved to be long and fruitful.

Felicity's Dad and brother enjoyed the Intellivision sports games. They definitely did not spring for a $700 keyboard.

Here's the book Kevin read about the longest baseball game in history: