Sunday, June 11, 2023

Flopcast 579: As Weird As You

We start with a little follow-up from our recent Maids v. Butlers FlopFight. It's the "honorable mention" list of maids and butlers we couldn't fit in the tournament, including characters from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Hazel, I Married Dora, and more. (Rest assured, we did not forget about We Got It Made. If only we could...) Then Kevin has a concert report, because beloved 80s pop princess Debbie Gibson came to town! Debbie put on a wonderful show including an Abba medley, a pajama party, a small dog, and perhaps even a wardrobe malfunction. Also: Kornflake has a Debbie hat, Kevin found a bin chicken (or something), and Happy Birthday to comedy writer/producer Greg Daniels. (If all he ever gave us was Chris Elliott's Get a Life, we'd still be eternally grateful.) Thanks for listening, kids. You just can't shake our love.

Show Notes

Greg Daniels was an early collaborator of Conan O'Brien and is responsible for several of the most beloved shows, including Parks and Recreation. As a reminder, the podcast Parks and Recollection is a delightful companion to the series, and is currently in the middle of the fourth season.

Debbie Gibson! She will touch you, and things will go wrong.