Sunday, November 5, 2023

Flopcast 600: This Will Be Lame

For our big milestone 600th episode, we're doing... well, not much of anything. It's just Kevin and the Mayor of Chickentown goofing around while we await the triumphant return of Kornflake. Topics include: A correction from last week's show about mall sticker girls! (Oh yes, we heard from the mall sticker girls... they were most displeased...) Weird stuff you could order from the ads in Action Comics issue 600! (Would anyone like a Flexagon? Or perhaps a Roomerang?) How to turn invisible for five dollars! The 600th most popular song of the 1980s! (Is it by Hall and Oates? OF COURSE IT IS.) The 600th biggest movie of all time, when adjusted for inflation! (Hint: It's from the 80s, and it did not involve Eddie Murphy or Billy Ocean, but we drag them into the discussion anyway.) So grab 600 cups of coffee and enjoy. We promise this is the 600th most important podcast you'll hear this week.

Show Notes

With the way comic book numbering is often messed with, it's rare for a title to reach issue 600. Action Comics did it all the way back in 1988! (Check out Superman and Wonder Woman getting some...ahem...action on the cover.)

We also learned that Everything Your Heart Desires lands at number 600 in Ranking the 80s!

Finally, after laying out the problems with movie rankings, Kevin visits the dark web to find the number 600 movie of all time, The War of the Roses.