Sunday, December 17, 2023

Flopcast 606: Get in Line to Milk Santa

Special guest Blasted Bill joins us for a Very Flopcast Christmas! And we're putting Bill to work on an extra festive Top 4 ½ List of... Santas! Bill and Kornflake share their favorite Santas from movies, television, ski slopes, bar crawls, and maybe even Canada. (Let's hope at least one of them picked a Santa from a Rankin/Bass cartoon, or Kevin will freak out like the Burgermeister.) Also: Bill is Composite Santa! Kornflake is Lucy Van Pelt! And Kevin is just dizzy and confused as usual! So grab a penguin, name it Topper for no good reason, put one podcast in front of the other, and enjoy. Heavily spiked egg nog, while not mandatory, is highly recommended.

Show Notes

Our guest this week, longtime Friend of the Flopcast Blasted Bill, is on TikTok!

Kornflake and the Mayor recently participated in a live script reading of one classic and one not-so-classic holiday special! Thanks to Kevin Cafferty and the Dragon Con American Sci-Fi Classics Track.

Top 4 ½ Santas