Sunday, December 10, 2023

Flopcast 605: Drunken Kilt-Wearing Christmas Capybaras

Every year dozens of ridiculous identical made-for-TV holiday movies are forced upon the people. And every year we try to fix these movies by making them weirder. We've selected a few of this year's new releases (from the usual suspects like Hallmark and Lifetime), most of which star Lacey Chabert as a big city lawyer who finds true love after returning to her quaint home town to save her great-aunt's figgy pudding farm. And we're punching up their plots by randomly inserting new elements like Martians, misfit toys, and basketball-playing robots. Don't settle for the same old TV holiday fare. The Flopcast is here to save Christmas. You're welcome.

Show Notes

This is in fact the fourth time we've fixed the holiday movies! Check out our previous successes: Flopcast episodes 448, 502, and 551!

Chris Molanphy, host of the Hit Parade podcast, wrote about Brenda Lee's long-overdue No. 1! And because we are us, here is a Rankin/Bass connection.

Lacey Chabert might just be the MVP of made-for-TV holiday movies! She reunited with her TV brother Scott Wolf in one of this year's offerings.