Sunday, March 3, 2023

Flopcast 617: 1999 TV Part 1 - So Weird

We're diving into television of the year 1999... which is quite recent by Flopcast standards, but yikes, it was a quarter century ago. We have a giant list of every TV show that debuted that year, and this week we only get halfway through the list. Several long-running cartoons started in 1999, including Family Guy, Futurama, and SpongeBob. But there were also cartoons we don't remember at all, starring ants, hippos, mutant babies, and more. We also don't remember a ton of 1999 sitcoms, dramas, game shows, and something with a lemur puppet. Look, we seem to be pretty clueless about almost everything that happened that year. (Aren't you glad we're here to be your guides?) Let's get through this together. Stay tuned for Part 2, when we'll get into all the 1999 fall season premieres. Meanwhile we can't help thinking that if we'd paid more attention back then, The Chimp Channel would still be on the air today.

Show Notes

Oddly, Felicity knows about Zoboomafoo, who was portrayed by both a puppet and an actual lemur named Jovian.

Speaking of puppets, Farscape is loved by many sci-fi fans we know.

Felicity also knows that George and Martha was based on a series of children's books by James Marshall.

You can watch 8 chimptastic episodes of The Chimp Channel on YouTube.