Sunday, March 10, 2024

Flopcast 618: 1999 TV Part 2 - Lobster Justice

It's the second half of our look at every television series that debuted in the year 1999. And once again, we remember just a few of them, and only saw a couple. (Kornflake was a fan of Judging Amy, while for Kevin, this was the year of Freaks and Geeks.) But the list also includes dozens of obscure short-lived sitcoms, cartoons, talk shows, game shows, and at least one insane cannibalistic Canadian woman in the Amazon jungle. (Maybe it was just her way of preparing for Y2K.) Do you remember any of these shows? Are you still secretly hoping for a reboot of Get Real, Cold Feet, or Oh, Grow Up? Let us know. We'll make some calls.

Show Notes

Martin Short currently stars in Only Murders in the Building and popped up recently in Schmigadoon! as well. His eponymous talk/sketch show, which debuted in 1999, was long outlived by a character he originated there: Jiminy Glick!

Martin Sheen's 1999 debut lasted considerably longer than Short's. He starred as President Bartlet in the 7-season hit The West Wing, the show that convinced Kevin to take Rob Lowe seriously. (We also love his comedic performances, of course, most notably in Parks and Recreation.)

Kornflake eventually got on board with Judging Amy and remained a viewer until the end of its 6-season run. Alas, the dancing lobsters were featured in a different courtroom.

Freaks and Geeks meanwhile, had just one perfect season. It remains an all-time favorite of both Kevin and Felicity. Let's get Kornflake on board in 2024!