Sunday, March 24, 2024

Flopcast 620: Cool It, Ponch

We're diving back into the pages of Dynamite magazine, so we can pretend it's still 1979. (Give it a try. Set the mood with a Gloria Gaynor record.) This randomly selected issue has Erik Estrada on the cover, and inside we learn that the CHiPs star had a problem with chips. Also inside: How to ruin your lunch with weird Dynamite recipes, a bizarre sneak peek at Mrs. Doubtfire, Tony Danza back in the boxing ring, Kiss notebooks vs. Bambi notebooks, Dynamite vs. one of Charlie's Angels, the Dynamite Duo vs. themselves, a decapitated teddy bear, and much more. All we're missing is our free Bee Gees poster, which some kid must have ripped out of the magazine 45 years ago. It's a tragedy.

Show Notes

Estrada or Nada?

Either Mrs. Doubtfire was in development for longer than anyone knew, or there's only one way to make Robin Williams up like a woman.

When did this become a Hollywood gossip magazine? I'm not sure I like where this is going.

No free Bee Gees poster for us, but hey, how about these bookmarks?