Sunday, March 17, 2023

Flopcast 619: Babble Like an Idiot

Short show this week! We're sleepy. But during a quick visit to Northeast Comic Con, we find old friends, fancy nerd dice, and members of The Go-Go's, The Cars, and the cast of Growing Pains. We also recommend Enterprisesplaining, a silly new Star Trek podcast that doesn't care if you've ever seen Star Trek. Also: Happy Birthday to Matthew Modine. (Were you more disturbed by Matthew in Full Metal Jacket, Stranger Things, or Private School? Let us know.)

Show Notes

Kevin may not care about it, but Kornflake and the Mayor want you to watch Ryan Gosling's inspired performance of I'm Just Ken at the Oscars, featuring Slash!

Friend of the Flopcast Ken Reid interviewed Gina Schock and surprise guest Greg Hawkes at Northeast Comic Con!

Ken also talked to three members of the Growing Pains cast.

Before getting chased out of the dealer's room, Kevin saw our friend Panda assisting Morgan at his Cursed Dice Company booth!

Kevin also ran into Eric Green, director of our most frequently plugged film, Life on the V!

Finally, a few friends just launched a podcast about Star Trek: Enterprise! No need to have watched the show before, because your hosts are taking turns Enterpriseplaining each episode.