Sunday, May 19, 2024

Flopcast 628: I Am in Norway

We're not quite sure why, but the subject of our latest Top 4 ½ List is... Norway! So here's some of our favorite Norwegian stuff, as approved by the gods of Asgard. We have a silly Viking or two, an icy Justice League member, an 80s synthpop band (that was once trapped in a comic book), and lots more. In fact, Kornflake is revealed to be a superfan of Norwegian comedy, and would like you to know that Ylvis is everywhere.

Show Notes

This site has been going merrily along thinking it's still 2023. Every episode released thus far in 2024 was labeled 2023 until this morning. Fortunately no one noticed.

Top 4 ½ Norwegian Things

For Kornflake's shows, we'll just direct you to TV Norge on YouTube and let you figure it out!